Why you should tryout for East Valley NSFC/FC:

    • Players experience principle driven training based on innovative pedagogical methods. The basis of our training is in direct relationship with how children learn
    • Skill acquisition through cognitive soccer training while developing confidence and promoting good character
    • A training environment that promotes freedom to be creative, take risks and make mistakes
    • USSF licensed coaches teaching soccer intelligence through free and self-explorative play and core principles
    • Ongoing coaching education
    • Traditional and no-Sunday play options
    • Private training facility
    • Development prioritized
    • Winning celebrated


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The No Sunday Fútbol Club (NSFC) (formerly NSFC Strikers) was created when it was discovered that highly advanced players could develop and play against the best players throughout Arizona without having to play on Sunday. NSFC now has over 40 competitive teams playing at the highest levels of competition.

NSFC soccer club is also designed to take back the family by preserving the Sabbath (Sunday) day. We respect family time and values while at the same time providing our club with 

staff who are innovative and pro-development for each and every player. Our club believes in maintaining an emphasis on a high quality brand of soccer while expecting excellent sportsmanship.

NSFC has several teams that travel out of state and compete against competitive teams throughout the country. We strive to ensure that every player in the valley has the chance to reach their potential on the soccer field and in life.

The Original No
Sunday Football Club

In 2016, several like-minded individuals came together to form the ORIGINAL no Sunday soccer club, NSFC Strikers. We’re proud of the success we’ve had. We continue strong and remain the original no Sunday soccer club in Arizona and will continue to fight for the values we know are important to so many families.

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