East Valley NSFC/FC is under the authority of the Arizona Soccer Association (ASA). They set guidelines that we have to follow as a member club of the association. In addition to those guidelines we may go one step further when it comes to the health of our players, coaches and families. The following is a set of questions we have received regarding issues related to COVID-19 and our return to play.

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Player’s Guide


Coach’s Guide


  1. When will we return to training with our teams?

Training will resume when ASA and the club determines it is safe. The final decision will be held by the leadership of the club and a schedule will be released one week in advance. We will take into consideration state and local regulations and the recommendations from ASA. Our goal is to be able to resume full play in August so we are taking precautions now to make that happen.


  1. When do we normally start training?

Just a reminder that normally teams don’t practice during June and July. We went a little longer this year due to the shortened year and issues with holding tryouts. Most of our teams have full, set rosters and so training is not essential at this point. League game won’t be held until mid-September so taking extra precautions now will allow us to be on schedule in September.



  1. What happens to our fees that we have already paid if the season is cancelled?

Our firm belief is that the season will not be cancelled. First league games normally start in mid-September, so another three months away. If there is a need to postpone and start later, that will be up to ASA, but no one foresees the next 12 months being under quarantine and thus cancelling the season. If the season is shortened in a significant manner, the club may consider a prorated rate. Please keep in mind, we already have reduced the fees this year by crediting the registration fee (up to a $299 value for our families).


  1. I haven’t registered or paid because training was cancelled, will I lose my spot on the team?

Yes. Most of our teams have very full rosters and we are receiving requests for tryouts and spots on teams every day. If you have not registered or paid a deposit then you have not made a commitment to the team. We will not hold your spot when another player is actively looking for a team. We have to be respectful of the remainder of the team who has committed and we want to provide the best roster for everyone. Once a roster is full we will not remove a player to put you back on a roster.


  1. Should I order a uniform?

Yes. We will resume play sometime soon and uniforms will be required to participate. The uniform package is a two-year kit, meaning we will have that uniform for the next two years. We are encouraging parents to go ahead and order the uniform as it will be needed eventually. Players without uniforms will not be allowed to resume training after August 1st.