EV-NSFC & EV-FC Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between EV-FC and EV-NSFC?

A: EV-FC is formerly known as MSC or Mesa Soccer Club. This branch of the club will play on Sunday’s.
EV-NSFC will continue to play at a competitive level but without playing on Sunday.

Q: What will the uniforms cost?

A: Approximately $325 and that includes two sets of uniforms (including socks), practice shirts and shorts,
warm up jacket and pants and backpack. The uniforms are good for two years

Q: What are the fees for the season (August-April)?

A: Academy players (born between 2014 and 2011) Registration fee $199 (FEES WAIVED 2020-2021 SEASON)
TOTAL FEES 2020-2021 SEASON: Membership fee $695
Open League players (born between 2010 and 2002) Registration fee $299 (FEES WAIVED 2020-2021 SEASON)
TOTAL FEES 2020-2021 SEASON: Membership fee $1195

A: All fees are eligible for three payment plans: 1) pay in full  or 2) 3-month installment or  3) 6-month installment

Q: Are you going to be playing in any tournaments?

A: Yes, all teams will be participating in tournaments, the frequency and number of tournaments depends on the age of the players. We have good relationships with several tournaments in the valley as well as tournaments in California, Nevada, and Utah, who will allow us to participate in their events with no Sunday play. Overall our teams have been very successful in the tournaments in which we’ve entered

Q: When does the season begin and end?

A: The season runs from August through March. AYSA sets the Open League schedule. The Academy schedule is arranged by our own scheduler and the other valley club Academy programs. This is a time commitment that we expect all to commit to upon accepting a spot on one of our teams.

Q: What about tournaments?

A: We’ll let the pros explain that one, click here to read why tournaments are not the answer to a child’s soccer development

Q: In what leagues will you be participating?

A: The 20101s to 2014’s will be playing in the AYSA Academy program as do all other clubs in the valley. 2010’s and up will be playing in AYSA’s Open and Advanced Leagues

Q: What is Academy?

A: An Academy is when a club, such as NSFC, keeps the children together based on their age as opposed to placing them on individual teams.  If there is more than one team per age division, the players will be moved throughout both teams (or three teams) based on their development and progress throughout the season. The emphasis of Academies is on development and fun!  For more information on Academy play, click here.

Q: Where will practices and games be held?

A: Practices will be held at Desert Sky and Discovery Park, away games will be determined by the state and the Open League.