Michael Gonzalez

About Michael Gonzalez


Michael Gonzalez is honored and proud to work as part of the coaching staff and also with the coaching directors at EV-FC and EV-NSFC. He has served as a head coach with NSFC since the merger of TFA Barcelona Az in 2017, and is now working in the operations of the club.  Mikey has graduated the 03 boys class at NSFC along with his son Aiden Gonzalez, who have both cherished their experience at NSFC over the last few years.

The Original No Sunday Football Club
In 2016, several like-minded individuals came together to form the ORIGINAL no Sunday soccer club, NSFC Strikers. We’re proud of the success we’ve had. We continue strong and remain the original no Sunday soccer club in Arizona and will continue to fight for the values we know are important to so many families. East Valley NSFC is an east valley innovative and pro-development competitive soccer club designed to respect family time and values by preserving Sunday.
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