Here are this week’s highlights:

Coach Jon Thomas 02 Girls FC – Played Wednesday night and had a great game.  Mikayla had two great goals in the 2nd half that put it away from the left side.  Cheycee literally went top shelf from 50 yards out on a free kick.  The real win was the possession.  Great job ladies!!

Coach Skylar Crudup 04 Girls – The girls fell short on Saturday 1-0 loss against a strong Flagstaff team.  Here is an email from the opposing teams coach: “Hey wanted to say really enjoy playing your club’s soccer teams. Always respectful of the team playing, the game and fun to watch good, well played soccer. Played your U17 team Saturday night and was a solid game. This after a day game against a thug-like team where we lost 2 players to injuries. Feel free to pass along to your coach and organization.”

Notes like this are the take away of what WE represent.  Doesn’t matter if we win or lose, but if we made an impact on a player/team/family/coach on both sides of the pitch.  Well done!!

We’re so proud of all of you and for representing this club.  Keep making an impact on your kids.  They listen and love what you are doing.

Until next week, be safe and keep wearing that mask.  You guys are great!!

published at Tuesday, October 6th, 2020