09 Boys Blue – Challenge = feeling defeated.

Outcome = Change of attitudes and greater effort as a whole!

After already feeling defeated and deflated from a tough first half against a higher ranked team, the boys came back out the second half a whole new team and gave it their all. They finished  with a much better half and feeling much better in how they played and what they had accomplished!  It was also great to see boys striving to build up and help their teammates when they were down! 
06 Boys Red – Challenge = missing starter, brought on new players to play with and playing in some different positions. 
Game 1: Tied 1-1 with a goal by Eric. Both goals were scored in the first part of the first half. They scored a goal, and we responded to it. We controlled the game for most of the game. We struggled at the beginning and at the tail end.
Game Two: Challenge = Played an overall bigger team and two divisions higher.
Played a tough team tonight, West Valley. The boys definitely stepped it up in the first half and we were tied 1-1. Overall the boys played a much better game than last night. They stepped up their game for sure, proud of the boys! Some of the boys got a little banged up. End result was 1-3. Their first goal was a solid hit from 25 to 30 yards out. No arc on the ball and no spin. Our goal was great ball from the back to the front and ended with a pass inside the box through a hole, from Eric to Andrew and an Andrew hit into the left side of the goal.
We were so proud of our boys and how hard they worked this morning. I’m so proud of them!!!! With no subs and we were missing two of our starters, against a team that had some pretty fast competition they still stayed after it! When we scored our goal the excitement was high!!! The other team scored both goals in the last 8 minutes of the game. The opposing coach came over to our boys after the game and praised them for how hard they worked and how they still played their possession game even when they were tired and could have played a boot ball game. He also said that beyond the outcome, the boys deserved a better outcome! 
Proud of the boys and how well they worked as a team this weekend and stepped up to the challenges that they faced in each game! 
A side note, a parent of a borrowed player mentioned to coach how grateful she was for how welcoming the boys had been to her son. We have a great bunch of youth on our teams!! I’m proud of all the boys on both teams who played in the tournament this weekend!
published at Monday, March 29th, 2021